How Long Does A Website Stay Relevant?

To many people a website is a tool that is not often upgraded or redesigned. They see it as a one-off deal that will be relevant as long as their business is around. However, that is not true, as technologies change and the devices used to access these websites changes a website that was built three to four years ago will be outdated and obsolete. Therefore about two years is the amount of time a website design will stay relevant. As mobile browsing is becoming more and more prevalent, websites need to take this into account. A website that is not responsive or designed for mobile first, will be quickly disregarded by visitors. A website that is not responsive will be hard to use on a small screen and people will get discouraged and navigate away, potentially losing a customer.


Another thing to consider with a website is that as times change businesses change as well. Maybe when your site was designed and built, you weren’t all that concerned with people finding you on mobile, maybe your message has changed, maybe you now went from being a strictly brick and mortar store to wanting customers from all over to be able to purchase your products, not just people that have easy access to your store.


All of these things can lead to not only a decrease in web traffic but also the loss of potential new customers.


As a web developer and designer, I find myself discouraged when checking out businesses that do not have good web presence. I find myself leaving websites when they aren’t mobile friendly, or even when they are just outdated and not very functional.


Collareta Designs can help you fix your outdated website with something clean and modern. All of our websites are responsive and easy to use. Contact us today to see how we can help you to move your website forward and help it bring you new customers and increase business.

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